Statped vest 

Part of the National Support System for Special Needs Education :

  • offers special educational guidance and support to local authorities in charge of the education in municipalities and to county administrations in Norway.
  • ensures that children, young people and adults with major and special educational needs are secured well-advised educational and developmental provisions.
  • offers a broad spectrum of services.


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University of Stavanger

The University of Stavanger in Norway has about 9.000 students and 1.200 administration, faculty and service staff. The academic activity is organised in 3 faculties, the Museum of Archaeology and two national centres of expertise. Many of the externally funded research activities are made in collaboration with the university’s research institute, the International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS). The University of Stavanger was officially opened by H.M. King Harald V on the 17. January 2005. However, its academic roots started much earlier.


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Gand Upper Secondary School (VGS)

Gand VGS is a secondary school with approximately 1.200 students from 16-19 years of age. It is first and foremost a vocational school, but it also teaches academics.

The school has 8 classes including students with different kinds of disabilities. These classes are being taught by highly skilled teachers within their area. Three of the classes have students currently being trained for a job in a sheltered workshop. The other five classes give students the possibility to work in the open labour market within the different vocational areas.


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