CUDV Draga

Education, Work and Care Centre Draga (CUDV Draga), Slovenia was established by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia as an organisation for the training and education, occupation, health care and rehabilitation of children, adolescents and adults with moderate, severe and profound mental impairments and sensory impairments.

Throughout its work, the organisation respects each unique personality, irrespective of the type and degree of his/her disability. It encourages the users’ integration into society and stimulates the staff’s participation in permanent personal development.


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Inštitut Republike Slovenije za socialno varstvo (IRSSV)

The Social Protection Institute of the Republic of Slovenia was founded in 1996 by the Republic of Slovenia. On its behalf the executive rights and obligations are carried out by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs (MLFSA). In 2004 the Child Observatory joined the Research Department.


In accordance with its annual plan the Institute:

  • complies and maintains a variety of databases for social assistance and social services including development and experimental programmes;
  • monitors the implementation of a number of government programmes by establishing specialised systems of indicators;
  • provides informational support for government by collecting and analysing data;
  • provides expert opinions on a number of government measures and advises the MLFSA;
  • takes part in international projects working with various research, administrative, specialist and implementing organisations as well as organising national and international professional meetings.


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Ekonomskašola Celje (ESC)

The School of Business and Commerce Celje has been educating students for over 140 years. The institution consists of two units: Secondary Vocational and Technical School and Vocational College. The secondary school students can choose from 3 different programmes: administrator, sales assistant and economic technician.

In the school sufficient time is foreseen for intra- and extra-curricular activities with the students to prepare them for their future career and a lifelong learning. In the last decade, the school has also gained a lot of experience in enrolling students with special needs in their programmes. It tries to accommodate the students’ special needs and helps them get involved in every aspect of the school activities.


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